Curriculum Vitae how to make it happen

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How to make a good Curriculum Vita, What to write and what to avoid:

Thinking that there are perfect resumes is wrong, but of course it's important to use precautions to make your resume certainly more appealing and rich in content.

The goal of a successful resume is to capture the attention of the reader. It must contain the most relevant information. We can divide it into macro areas.

- Cover letter

- Contacts and personal information

- Personal Profile (A brief description of yourself)

- Training (Degrees - Known languages - Computer Skills)

- Professional experiences Carried out

- Interests

Let us look at the areas in question point by point.


Cover letter

This letter accompanies your resume, and is a brief description of your experiences and must include the motivations that make you adequate to fill the role you are applying for.

Contacts and personal info

All our contact details and personal information must be in this area:

- Address

- Phone

- Email

- Date of birth

- Photos

Personal Profile

It would seem to duplicate the cover letter, but in reality you will have to compress the information and try to give a personal touch.

In this area a brief description of ourselves must be made, using simple and short sentences. Avoiding spelling errors. You can briefly describe your experiences. Importantly, this area must be about 3 or 4 lines no more than 200 words. We must avoid using banal phrases such as 'excellent managerial skills', which are too general and impersonal.

This area should be located at the top of the resume.


Here we will deal with the information related to our studies, specifying the degree, the date on which we obtained it and the school we attended.

We should also indicate the knowledge of foreign languages and the computer knowledge of the most common programmes.Esperienze Professionali

Of course we should indicate the work we have done trying to describe our experience in detail. If possible, we should avoid inserting experiences that are not entirely relevant to the work we have to do.


This area would seem to be the least important as you may think that your employer may not be interested in your activities. Here we have the opportunity to bring out our character and give an idea of our dynamism.  We can describe all the activities that are also not related to the work that we should be doing.

It must be placed at the bottom of the curriculum and we could exclude it only if we no longer have space to dedicate it.

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