Children and Creativity: how to stimulate it

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How to stimulate creativity in children? Through exercises, games and continuity it is possible to help children to develop it, let's see how:

Children have a great capacity for assimilation, CREATIVITY is present in every child, there are those who have more, those who have less, but it is possible to develop it.

However creativity and imagination are fundamental aspects of intelligence, stimulating creativity is important for the formation of character.

A creative child is curious about the world and towards himself, however he must be supported to develop creative skills and the influence of the environment is fundamental. In a stimulating environment there is more chance to get original ideas.

The parent or the educator, can help the child to discover various experiences related to the senses, considering that generally children by their nature favor sight and touch, it will be necessary to make him experience new sensations, favoring new sensory experiences, stimulating smell, hearing and taste.

For example, making them listen to music and sounds, asking them to interact and leaving them free to express themselves.

Favoring the taste trying to stimulate them to taste new flavors.

Last but not least the sense of smell trying to make him smell perfumes of all kinds.

Another classic method of stimulating creativity is to invite your children to draw and color by letting them use their imagination. Today there are technological tools that help in this regard.

For example, the MAGIC PAD, which appeared in the last year in the panorama of games, allows children to remain engaged in creative activities for a long time. You can find it here !!!!!!

Tablet Magico

The Magic Tablet is a portable tool suitable for children who can draw and color at any time and in any place without getting dirty. It has an easy and intuitive operation that allows it to be used by children of all ages. It is effectively an interactive whiteboard.

Tablet Magico

It is also important to try to stimulate the imagination with fairy tales by reversing roles and asking the child to come up with a story for you. While he tells it, try to interact by asking him questions in order to stimulate creativity as much as possible.

Get them to be passionate about reading which allows them to develop a strong imagination.

Very useful is the use of construction games that helps them to develop Creativity and Invention.

Make them make decisions such as what to wear, getting them used to making decisions in order to express their personality.

Even if for a short time, leave them the freedom to be doing nothing because this time gives them the opportunity to travel with the imagination.

However, helping the imagination helps children develop their creative thinking, it means making them brave, self-confident and truly autonomous.


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